Some things are hard to talk about

Some things are hard to talk about

Some Things Are Hard To Talk About is a personal documentary about the secrets of abortions in my family over three generations.
For the first time my grandmother, my mother and I share our experiences. We witness the unfolding of an intricate family history of choices and resulting effects.


In the middle of a relationship crisis I get pregnant. My boyfriend threatens, that our relationship will not support a second child. Do I keep the baby? I am confronted with the memoirs of an abortion I had ten years before. Never had I imagined that this would play a role in my life again. Neither did I expect to unravel the secrets of abortion in my family, which took place over three generations.


Length 75 min
Language German with English ST
Production Company Brockhaus/Wolff
Commissioning Editor Sabine Rollberg Arte / WDR
Producer / director Stefanie Brockhaus
Cinematographer Stefanie Brockhaus
Editor Ulrike Tortora
Sound Editing Jörg Elsner
Sound Mixing Michael Hinreiner
Colour Correction Martin Otter